7 Tips for Proper Cruise Etiquette

If you want to travel to many different places, a cruise may be the vacation you’re looking for. While cruises offer their own luxuries while on the ship, they also tend to dock at multiple locations, allowing you to get a variety of culture all on one vacation.


While cruises can be a great vacation, it is important to keep in mind that there is proper etiquette to use while on one. The following seven tips will help ensure that you have a great time while on board without embarrassing yourself or making others feel uncomfortable.


1. Take the long way.

There are thousands of people aboard your cruise ship. When it comes time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or during busy entertainment performances, elevators are going to be crowded. Rather than wait in a crowd full of people complaining about the wait, take the long way. Use the stairs, walk across the ship, do whatever you have to do to get to your location in a less crowded manner. Not only will you avoid unhappy people, but you’ll also get some exercise while doing it.

2. Remember that you’re not the only person on the ship.

The walls between rooms on a cruise ship are not that thick. Do not scream down hallways, slam doors or yell in your own room at all hours of the night. It is completely disrespectful to the other passengers. Be quiet when walking down hallways, especially if it’s late at night, and remember to use your inside voice when talking to other people in your room. Keep the volume of music or televisions at a reasonable level.


3. Respect other cultures.

You are on board a ship that contains thousands of other people from all parts of the globe. You are going to run into people that don’t speak your language, and you are going to hear announcements and read signs in more than one language. Do not let this bother you. Everyone on board the ship needs to know the same information you do.


4. Be cautious of your appearance.

Though you are on vacation, you need to remember that other people are on board too. When you are going to eat or attend a performance, make sure that you are always dressed appropriately. Nobody wants to see you in your robe, your pajamas or your weird underwear. Make sure that you are always dressed appropriately so that you don’t offend anyone else on board.


5. Don’t complain.

Because there are so many people on board, your trip may not be entirely perfect. You may not like the food served one day. You may have an issue with your room. Things are going to happen that you cannot control. Rather than spend your entire cruise complaining about it to anyone that will listen, simply let management know and they’ll alleviate the problem.


6. Limit yourself.

Though you are on vacation and you want to have fun, remember to know your limits. Nobody wants to be bombarded by “the drunk”. Feel free to have a good time, but don’t overdo it. It is also a good idea to keep limits in mind when it comes to food. If your cruise offers a buffet, remember that other people need to eat too. Don’t hog all of the fried shrimp or grilled tilapia. Save some for the rest of the passengers.


7. Tip.

The employees on your cruise ship work hard to ensure that you have a good time. Be sure to tip your servers, bartenders, maids or anyone else that serves you in any way.

Carrie Johnson lives in Dallas and works with a traveling agency.  She likes to write about traveling and travel tips in her spare time.  Carrie recently wrote about her cruise to a bahamas beach resort.