Five Great Packing Tips for Globetrotters

If you’re going on an extended international vacation, or just trekking the world in a quest for adventure, consider yourself lucky. Your friends and family are stuck at home, envious of your opportunity to see so many foreign places. Lots of people dream of travelling abroad, but few really get to be called “globetrotters.” Globetrotting will be an amazing and fun experience, but it also requires a great deal of planning and preparation. You’ll be far from home, so you can’t leave anything behind. Just the packing alone for a globetrotter can be tedious. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow these great tips.

Bring the Right Luggage
Think of the nature of your trip. Will you be staying in one hotel, or will you be constantly on the move? Are you planning on taking a multi-day hike through the mountains? For lots of globetrotters, large backpacks with lots of pockets are the way to go. They store everything you’ll need, and they’re easy to carry and leave both of your hands free. If you are pretty much just going from the airline to one hotel, you’ll do fine with a rolling suitcase. In either case, use lightweight luggage.

Make a Packing List
Writing a list is absolutely essential. Do not skip this step! Create a list of everything you want to bring, and double check it before you go. Globetrotters have a master packing list to refer to for every new trip. As they gain more travel experience, they’re able to update their list until it’s perfect and packing becomes every time becomes a breeze. Also create a separate section of your list for items to be packed right before departure, like your toothbrush and glasses. Most importantly, don’t forget to list all the must-have documents, like ticket confirmations and your passport.

Pack Light and Buy As You Go
If you truly want to be a globetrotter, you’ll pack as lightly as possible. You’ll only bring the absolute basic essentials with you, because you’ll be able to get the other things you need as you go. Bring only basic clothing and a few different outfits rather than your entire wardrobe. Add a small bottle of laundry detergent, and you’re set. Better yet, plan to purchase some local clothing.

Don’t Forget Your Walking Shoes
A comfortable pair of sneakers or walking shoes is probably the second most important item you’ll bring with you after your passport. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking. If not, you’re missing everything. Don’t be concerned about bringing fashionable footwear. Go with whatever is most comfortable, even if it’s the beat up, ugly pair of sneakers you do yard work in at home.

Take a Photo for Security
Before leaving, it’s a good idea to photograph your luggage, just in case. Take a photo of your bags from the outside, and also snap a picture of the insides just before you close them. If you suspect your luggage has been tampered with, this will give you evidence of what it looked like before. Just don’t leave your camera in your bag!