Mexican Cuisine – How To Eat Your Way Around Mexico

Quesadillas, Tortillos with grilled cheese and Enchiladas; these are just some of the most well-known food dishes served by the Mexican community. However, there is an abundance of food and drink available that one can savour while exploring the diverse areas of Mexico.

As a result of climate and geography, Mexican cuisine will differ depending on where you go. If you travel to the South like Cozumel, you will encounter food that possesses a Caribbean influence and is quite spicy; on the other hand, if you travel to the North, you will find dishes primarily made of beef, goat and other meats. No matter where your travels take you in Mexico, you will surely have a delightful time, and your palate will thank you.

Beef is the favoured meat in Northern Mexico and is the primary ingredient in one of the more popular dishes in the region, the large burrito, regionally known as burritas. The burrito originated in the city of Ciudad Jarez, and was named for the donkey of Juan Mendez, a street vendor during the Mexican Revolution. He used his donkey to travel and transport food to his taco stand and wrapped food in homemade flour tortillas and subsequently wrapped them in napkins to keep it warm.

As a result, he inadvertently created what is now known as the burrito. Unlike the American Burrito, a Mexican burrito typically has two ingredients that are wrapped in a thin flour tortilla. Meat, Potatoes and asadero cheese are just a few of the ingredients you can choose from. Whatever you choose, this burrito is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

Chicken and vegetables are the preferred foods in the Southern region of Mexico and because of its Caribbean influence; black beans and plantains are quite common as well. Red mole Poblano is a sauce that is used nationwide but is more prevalent when you travel south. There are various versions, colours and depths of the mole sauce, but all have the mutual ingredient of Chili Peppers. Of the more popular recipes is a chicken and fruit stew referred to as Mancha Manteles, translated to mean “The Tablecloth Stainer” as a result of the mole sauce that is used in the dish. Locals generally eat the dish for Sunday Brunch and have been known to wear a shirt they can afford to lose.

The Western region of Mexico specializes in a dish known as Goat Birria. Birria is a stew that is comprised of a dried roasted pepper but can vary in taste by using assorted meats and peppers. It originated in the city of Jalisco, and is most commonly eaten during holidays. Frequently prepared over a fire and then baked in the oven, the goat meat is pulled from the bone and smothered in a chili sauce. Goat can be a strong-flavoured meat; however, it is widely popular among locals and something to be appreciated and savoured.

Regardless of the cuisine that you choose to eat in Mexico, Aguas Frescas (literally translated means fresh water) is a delicious Mexican drink served in all regions of Mexico. It compliments all meals as it’s available in either fruit flavour; refreshing lemon, strawberry and orange or as a flower water such as hibiscus and can be found in most restaurants and local grocery stores. Known for its intense flavour and colourful dishes, Mexico is a food lover’s paradise and one destination you won’t want to miss.

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