Surviving the Lanzarote Desert

Lanzarote is known for many things including its great beaches, its attractive volcanic landscape and its inspiring mountain ranges. However what you might not have realized is that it is also home to its very own desert which make a great day for anyone who has a well developed sense of adventure.

The desert in question is called ‘El Jable’, and is situated between Famara and the Montanas Del Fuego. The desert is by no means huge when you compare it to say the Sahara, but it nevertheless makes for a great day out and a great way to get some photographs.

What to do there?

If you were to go to Lanzarote and not experience the desert then you would be missing out on a great experience. Many people would not consider the desert to necessarily be a fun day out and might view it a potentially just a lot of dry, empty land (which technically it is). However the experience comes from not what you do in the desert, but rather the experience of being in this incredible environment that many people have never been in. If you have never set foot in the desert before, then wouldn’t you like this to be something you can say you’ve done?

When you are there you will find that the surroundings themselves are rewarding enough and that you feel like Lawrence of Arabia almost instantly. There’s a lot to see here too and you can look around for driftwood or look out for large lizards and other wildlife. There is almost certain to be an interesting rock that you can keep as a souvenir. This is also though the ideal place to get a Facebook profile picture – whether it’s next to your name written in the sand, or you in profile trekking across the barren landscape. When you’re there head toward the beach which eventually the sand join onto making it a great reward for all that trekking.

But if you do want to find something to ‘do’ in the deserts to give your time there more ‘purpose’ then why not try going on a camel tour? This is another way to get the perfect profile picture and it’s a very fun experience.

Surviving in the Desert

As we mentioned this isn’t like being stranded in the Sahara and you won’t end your visit crawling and begging for water. However that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be careful when heading into the desert. Make sure that people know where you’re going and take your phone with you so you can call for help if necessary. In the desert there is no protection from the sun, so even if you don’t intend to stay here long make sure you take lots of clothes to cover your arms and legs and a hat and sunglasses. Sun block should go without saying too.

Likewise you should also make sure to take something to drink – again this is true even if you are only planning on staying briefly. It’s very easy to get dehydrated and it can creep up on you without you noticing so make sure you have a bottle and take regular sips.

Cover your feet with good shoes rather than going in sandals as the sand can become very hot, and make sure that you don’t go too near to any big lizards which can sometimes bite. If you are sensible and take the necessary precautions then this is a great day out in the sun.

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