Islander Spa

The most wide ranging spa in Cozumel, Islander Spa is exclusive to Wyndham guests, with over 7,000 sq. ft. of space featuring 5 master individual cabins, 5 master couple cabins, separate steam rooms for men and women, 3 Jacuzzis, waiting lounge, VIP reception, beauty parlor with manicure cabins, hairstyling, and waxing. This facility is professionally managed by experienced spa specialists.

Islander Spa is more than just a spa facility; it is an open invitation to total renewal, a space and a time where relaxation, purification, and revitalization can be aspired to and thoroughly attained. Shed your daily cares and worries, allowing us to pamper you as your journey to inner and outer wellbeing begins.

Choose from a full range of spa treatments and services designed to address the specific needs of many differing lifestyles; our hotel spa counselors are ready to help you plan the perfect spa experience.

The Islander Spa environment has been carefully balanced to provide an environment that is not only relaxing but one that actively contributes to the renewal process. Therapies are performed by expert hotel staff trained and certified in a wide variety of modern spa techniques and therapies. They are both willing and able to give you a personalized treatment in a relaxed and safe environment.

Enjoy your spa experience to the fullest by choosing from a varied menu of services which include novelties such as romantic couple treatments and sessions in palapas facing the ocean. Come to Islander Spa and we will help you find that personal perfect balance that is the hallmark of inner peace and outer beauty.

Information & Reservations

Spa treatments and services are available from 9 AM to 9 PM.
For additional information or reservations, please contact us here, dialing extension 8850 at the Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa or visit the Islander Spa which is located at the Reef Plaza shopping center.

Our staff will be glad to assist you and recommend the best treatments throughout your stay. We suggest that appointments be made in advance in order to guarantee the times and service you would like, especially if you plan to schedule several appointments during your stay. Guests without reservations will be scheduled according to availability.

In order to avoid full charge of the treatment, we ask all guests to please notify a cancellation four hours in advance; appointments may be rescheduled upon availability.

Service Fees
All our prices are in USD and include tax. Tips are at your discretion.

Although the spa has lockers, we suggest you leave your valuables in your room’s safety deposit box. The spa is not responsible for lost items.

Health Conditions
In order to provide the best service we ask you to arrived 15 minutes early to fill out a questionnaire and report any health problem.

Gift Certificates
Give your friends and loved ones the opportunity to enjoy a day experience at Islander Spa. The gift certificate may be sent to guest’s room with a personal note.

Spa Boutique
In order to further your spa regime at home, all products used in your treatments are available at our boutique.


Islander Spa has much more for you than just massages. Enjoy the experience of a unique treatment, customized sensations and specific massage techniques.

Pick out your sensations

Aroma Sampler
Choose the aroma that fits your spa experience.
These aromas are the ritual foundations of aromatherapy, a technique that turns to smell and skin’s receptivity, modifying emotions and enhancing well-being, as well as increasing skin endorphins.

Anti-Stress Sensation
Exotic decongestive synergy rooted on ylang-ylang, vetiver and sandalwood essential oils, inviting relaxation and peacefulness. Aids circulation, fights cellulite and soothes the skin.
Regenerative Sensation
A healthy combination of Palma Rosa, rosewood and vetiver essential oils, an ideal solution for dry, dehydrated, dense and sensitive skin.

Vital Sensation
A stimulating spicy blend of cardamom, clove, myrrh and incense.
Its intense power heals muscle stress, providing energy and vitality.

Purifying Sensation
An exquisite herbal and citrus mix of orange, lavender, rosemary, cypress and sage essential oils. Blended with mango and shea butter, regenerating the skin, an antioxidant and detoxifying action.

Pick out your technique…
For a customized treatment, Islander Spa offers the best professional techniques according to your preference and specific needs. Choose 60 or 90 minutes and live an incredible experience which stretches beyond a massage.

  • Holistic Relaxation
  • Deep Tissue
  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders


Cocktails of exotic fruits and essential oils that regenerate your skin and awaken sensory emotions.

Lavender Aroma – Therapeutic, Relaxing
Its special blend of amaranth oil with lavender essence gives balance and replenishes the skin. It comes with a face and neck massage, allowing muscles to relax, leaving a silky and shiny skin.

Passion fruit – Vitamin Booster
A blend of sesame oil with passion fruit extract, which offers protection, free radical inhibitor, deep cleansing and beauty to the skin.

Holistic with Geranium
Its combination of natural ingredients and borage invigorates skin cell activity, promotes mind activity, soothes anxiety, reduces tension and bolsters emotional harmony.

Holistic for Men
A specially designed treatment for men’s skin; a blend of cucumber juice, marigold, juniper, sandalwood and white tea, relaxing, replenishing and revitalizing the skin, leaving a soft, clean, toned and balanced sensation.
Orchid Aromaqua – Moisturizing
The orchid extract is an exceptional moisturizing source for all types of skin; recovering its flexibility and brightness and stimulating natural functions of the skin to protect and preserve its balance.

Aroma Clear – Purifying
Synergy based on citric essential oils, lavender water, lemon and grapefruit acting naturally as antiseptics and bactericide; gently balancing and purifying the skin that tends to be oily.

Retivine – Age Defying
Magnolia extract, retinol and grape seeds as antioxidants; it’s a strong concentrate as a cell regenerator. This exceptional treatment preserves youth in skin cells and defies the main aging factors.

Lotus flower Aromaqua – Desensitizing
Lotus flower extract, rockrose water, vitamin B5 and licorice root extract. An elixir put together from a unique combination of natural energetics that sooth and decongest. Recommended for sensitive skin.

Sea Essential – Nourishing
All the benefits of intensively active marine extracts to revitalize cells. Promotes collagen and elastine production on your face, thus a lavish facial.

Self-Heating Mud, in Any of Our Facials
An Islander Spa exclusive for relaxation and detoxification. To heal any signs of stress we apply a special sea mud which on contact with the skin on your back releases hundreds of micro-bubbles creating a feeling of well-being.

Islander Foot Bath
A purifying ritual submerging your feet in warm water with exquisite aromatic salts, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and ending with a reflexology foot massage.

Hydro-Massage Baths
Enjoy a calming bath tub with alchemic infusions and colorful aromatic ingredients in an exclusive and private Jacuzzi, for individuals or couples.
An ideal add-on to your spa program.

  • Blue Lavender Calming Bath
  • Orange Vital Citric Bath
  • Yellow Relaxing Fine Woods Bath
  • Green Basil Detox Bath
  • Pink Romantic Ylang-ylang Bath

Relaxation Area with Natural Snack
Give us the opportunity to pamper you with a complete spa experience while enjoying our comfortable facilities. Service included in any of our treatments.

Body Treatments

Indulge yourself with a full-body treatment that will leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized. Choose from a large variety of exfoliations and wraps designed to bring health and a youthful appearance to your body’s skin.

Marine Exfoliation – 25 mins
Exfoliation treatments are a basic and indispensable requirement for cleansing and removing dead skin cells and activating the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Maximize the benefits of applying marine mud, marine algae or any other natural plant activator and essential oils.

Marine Wrapping – 50 mins
A creamy, mineral-rich mask, made of nourishing marine sediments and rosemary extracts. Applied all over the body, it nourishes the skin with its exceptional regenerative properties that help to strengthen and tone up tissue, eliminate cellulite and regulate cell metabolism.
(Not recommended for those with a thyroid condition)

Mud Therapy – 50 mins
Mineral-rich marine mud is applied to specific reflex areas of the skin for a deeply penetrating therapy that will increase metabolic activity, blood circulation, and oxygenation. The mud contains special compounds that act as an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, cleansing the body and furnishing it with their analgesic, anti-rheumatic, strengthening and emollient effects.

Stimulating Cool Mud – 50 mins
Enjoy all the surprising benefits of a marine mud wrap applied cold throughout a massage that will work the minerals deep into your skin. The minerals will assist in weight loss, nourish the dermis, cleanse in depth and reduce inflammation as your skin takes on a luminous, velvet-like quality.

Aromatic Exfoliation – 50 mins
An aromatic exfoliation therapy performed with the aid of essential oils and extracts of rosemary, sage and other plants. Applied with a soft massage and hydrating cream that help eliminate the outer layer of dead cells, this treatment will enhance skin health and bring out its underlying beauty.

Beauty Salon

Feeling good is only half the equation. Our beauty salon brings you a level of service on par with those found in any large metropolis. Entrust your outer self to our professional staff who will lavish upon you the attention and expert care you need to always look your best. Dazzle those near and dear to you with a beauty makeover in a tropical style.

Islander Manicure – 25 mins
Glamour is never truly complete without a set of glamorous hands. For ladies and gentlemen.

Islander Pedicure – 25 mins
You are on the beach! Get ready to show off your beautiful feet in sandals with this excellent pedicure.

Deluxe Spa Manicure – 50 mins
Watch the signs of aging miraculously fade away with this intensive treatment that leaves your hands soft and silky.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure – 50 mins
The bountiful sea provides us with the quartz crystals and sea salts we use in this deluxe pedicure. A gentle bath and exfoliation will soften and rejuvenate your feet.

Nail Polishing – 15 mins
Put some color on your hands to match your colorful mood and surroundings. Professional products applied professionally.

Prepare yourself for that new bathing suit with the most modern depilatory treatments. Prices depend on treatment area.

Hair Services

  • Women’s haircut
  • Men’s haircut
  • Children’s haircut
  • Hair wash and set
  • Special events hair styling
  • Half-head braids
  • Full-head braids
  • Short hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Long hair
  • Threaded braids
  • Braids with hair extensions


Get the most out of your Islander Spa experience. Islander Spa packages are carefully designed by our spa counselors to provide a unique spa experience or to cater to a specific need or lifestyle. Islander Spa packages also make a sublime gift. Combining one with a bottle of wine and flowers is a convincing statement of your enduring appreciation for that special someone.

Allow yourself be pampered into bliss with an Islander Spa Package.

Vanity – 90 min ($90 USD)

  • Islander Manicure
  • Islander Pedicure

Aroma Relax – 80 min ($105 USD)

  • Back, Neck and Shoulders
  • Lavender Aroma – Therapeutic
  • Relaxing Facial

Sea Holistic – 90 min ($125 USD)

  • Holistic Relaxation Massage
  • Sea Salts with Basil & Aloe Vera Body Polish